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Sohbet Arama :  bouncer
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Bouncer Sohbet Odaları

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yas-bouncer BakaShiMoe

Sohbet Odası - 5 kullanici - geçerli konu:  [YaS] Bouncer .: ZNC Admins: Neico :: Webinterface: ( :: We offer a free BNC, the primary connection is the BSM network, you can request additional connections though :: BNC users have voice status here! :.
Kategori: Bouncers Sohbet Odaları

bouncer QuakeNet

Sohbet Odası - 12 kullanici - 75 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  Welcome to #bouncer support channel about PsyBNC/shroudBNC/ZNC. Don't ask to ask, just ask and wait.
Kategori: Bouncers Sohbet Odaları

ogn-bnc OnlineGamesNet

Sohbet Odası - 60 kullanici - 60 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  OGN BNC channel - ZNC for Gameforge community. For bouncer registrations or support write your problem to OGNBNCServ (/obs YOURPROBLEM) / For general questions visit our wiki | Do not query Ops (@) without permisson [-#OGN-BNC-support: - ] All languages are allowed. This channel is international!
Kategori: BNC Sohbet Odaları

operhelp P2PChat

Sohbet Odası - 2 kullanici - 60 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  Oper Help Channel : For Vhosts use this command: /hostserv request your.vhost | You can also request a free ZNC bouncer here | For GENERAL IRC Help, /join #help, This Channel is ONLY for help that requires an oper. | Remember there are no stupid questions, just stupid people :D

FreshZNC FreshChat

Sohbet Odası - 12 kullanici - 66 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  Welcome to #FreshZNC | FREE ZNC (Bouncer) offered by this network, for this network use only. | POST your ZNC REQUEST in this room | A NickServ account is required to request a ZNC account. | Please don't request in PMs to the ops; this may delay your request.
Kategori: ZNC Sohbet Odaları

znc Mibbit

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 61 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  ZNC is an IRC network bouncer or BNC.|| For free BNC join #freeBNC || For access in this channel visit #IRChelp || freeBNC@Mibbit Email: Nickname: Your register nickname || Username: Your desire username || Network: Your desire network ||
Kategori: ZNC Sohbet Odaları

bouncer OnlineGamesNet

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 60 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  Hiçbir Konu
Kategori: Bouncers Sohbet Odaları

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