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Sohbet Arama :  advertising
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Advertising Sohbet Odaları

Kategori:  Business  >  Advertising

uno DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 36 kullanici - 42 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  **Welcome to UNO!. Please KEEP IT English** | No:Repeating,Flooding,Advertising,Inviting. | Need HELP? Ask an op OR type !unocmds in CHANNEL. (YOU idle for 2 minutes) You'll be removed by OPS. (We're capable to pick the needed Ops)
Kategori: Uno Sohbet Odaları

la DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 12 kullanici - 42 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  Welcome to #LA |Los Angeles| ENGLISH and SPANISH ONLY **No: Swearing, Repeating, Flooding, Advertising, Inviting. Need HELP? Ask an Op! or Join to #Help (en) #Ayuda #IRCAyuda (spa) #Ajuda (port) **Visit us:

españa DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 10 kullanici - 42 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  ___ Welcome to #ESPAÑA ___ COUNTRY | NO: Advertising, Flooding OR Inviting | OnLy EnGLisH & SPaNisH | Warning: Trespassers will be prosecuted | Web Chat: | Info: |
Kategori: Spain Sohbet Odaları

sleepandobey Cuff-Link

Sohbet Odası - 48 kullanici - geçerli konu:  EROTIC HYPNOSIS AND TRAINING. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PREDATORS. Type !rules for channel rules. If you have any questions ask an OP. The staff does NOT send PMs advertising trances!!

@Home Rizon

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 42 dakika önce - geçerli konu: | "Progrestination but not really" Edition | Rules: No SPAM. No advertising. Questions only accepted in a precise manner. | XDCC: Currently no active bots.

DALuno DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 59 kullanici - 42 dakika önce - geçerli konu:  **Welcome To DALUno!. Urdu And English Are The Official Languages Here** No:Repeating,Flooding,Advertising,Inviting. | **Need HELP? Ask An Op OR Type !Unocmds In CHANNEL**
Kategori: Uno Sohbet Odaları

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