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Sohbet Arama :  windows
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Windows Sohbet Odaları

Kategori:  Computers  >  Operating Systems  >  Microsoft Windows  >  Windows

nightly Mozilla

Sohbet Odası - 166 kullanici - 291 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Nightly community − Get involved - Download: − - Add nightly-community to the keywords field of your bugs! ||

windows DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 12 kullanici - geçerli konu: We now return to our regularly scheduled idling, which is already in progress!
Kategori: Microsoft Windows Sohbet Odaları

truecrypt freenode

Sohbet Odası - 29 kullanici - geçerli konu: TrueCrypt development is halted. || 7.1a (last full version) available at || <Windows>> || VeraCrypt and CipherShed based on TrueCrypt || LibreCrypt based on FreeOTFE || ProxyCrypt via ImDisk || DiskCryptor based on DriveCrypt || Aloaha Crypt Disk is another TrueCrypt fork.
Kategori: Cryptography Sohbet Odaları

snorenotify freenode

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - geçerli konu: Available since January | Snorenotify is a multi platform Qt notification framework. Using a plugin system it is possible to create notifications with many different notification systems on Windows, Mac OS and Unix and mobile Devices.

unlimited freenode

Sohbet Odası - 6 kullanici - geçerli konu: | JuopunutBear & DirtyRacun support | We will not help with RUUing, HTC Dev Unlock & Root | Windows is not supported | Guest nicks not allowed | NO PM'ing without asking, Do NOT ask for ETAs or future plans, NO off-topic convo's | NEVER paste to channel - use pastebin: Type !info pastebin

GoraKviz GeekShed

Sohbet Odası - 2 kullanici - 295 dakika önce - geçerli konu: * Winamp, iTunes* Windows Media Player* Real Player* QuickTime

GoraBot GeekShed

Sohbet Odası - 2 kullanici - 295 dakika önce - geçerli konu: ~AndChat40@8698E528.D1E7207F.4FB2B673.IP * Winamp, iTunes* Windows Media Player* Real Player* QuickT

opsec AnonNet

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - geçerli konu: This channel is for OPSEC (operational security), not an OP for anonymous and NOT for the weak. Come here for OPSEC help and discussion || Don't even bother with Windows or Mac here || Fucking read the rules: || Must watch: || use OTR

darkstormtower DarkMyst

Sohbet Odası - 6 kullanici - 297 dakika önce - geçerli konu: The tower, carved from a singular monolithic piece of Purple Cybeline and Black Richterite, twisted upward an architectural masterpiece of 500ft. Its many stained glass windows pieced together from lightning opals in ethereal blues and greens that flashed like faerie balefire in Primordia’s light.

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