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National Sohbet Odaları

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Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: The official e-sim primera channel of the Great Republic of Guatemala. President: thegamer(Carlito). Spiritual leaders: Snoop-Dogg, Square, Bills and Papac. The national sex offender: Kamillo. Postmaster General: Majkl. Judge of the e-Supreme Court: xXBetancourtXx. Pimp-in-chief: Reason. Please be careful while petting and feeding the unicorns, they've got very long horns Rizon

Sohbet Odası - 5 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: e-Sim Suna Taiwan National channel || 歡迎來到 Suna 伺服器台灣國家頻道 || Suna台灣FB社團: || 新手教學: || SUNA-黑市頻道 #sutrade || SUNA-台灣友邦哈薩克頻道 #suna.Kz ||NO SPAMMING / ADVERTISING ***if u are our enemy or anonymous and idle here,ops have the rights to kick
Kategori: Sun Sohbet Odaları

#bogans Snoonet

Sohbet Odası - 2 kullanici - 116 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Wife beaters, truck nuts, footy shorts and stubbies, all allowed and encouraged! Claim your goon at the door. The most multicultural Aussies you'll ever find. Harassment and slurs will not be tolerated | || HAPPY NATIONAL OWLS ARE AWESOME DAY 🎂!!

IS.Bawn DarkMyst

Sohbet Odası - 14 kullanici - 128 dakika önce - geçerli konu: The is the Main IC Channce for the Iron Secrets Werewolf:the Apocalypse game. Please keep OOC chatter to a minium here. The Bawn is the Petrified Forest National park, and this channel covers both the above ground and the cave comples. Current weather can be found here:

#weather freenode

Sohbet Odası - 57 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Welcome to the weather channel! | Rules: | List of all channels, | For current conditions type: .wx location | Type .nws zip code for active NOAA alerts | National Radar: | Please visit our sister channel(s), ##science & ##news
Kategori: Weather Sohbet Odaları

211 DALnet

Sohbet Odası - 3 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Welcome to this 211 channel !list for a few ice breakers when the bot is around. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & November is Cancer awareness month for Men check out these organizations & for more information about upcoming fund raiser

mtgox freenode

Sohbet Odası - 13 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: | chat on ##mtgox-talk
Kategori: MtGox Sohbet Odaları

dataclaw DarkMyst

Sohbet Odası - 19 kullanici - 128 dakika önce - geçerli konu: welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: Tarnish // Nightshade ::]] topic: I usually assume that national stereotypes are just that, exaggerated stereotypes, but Germany really likes trying to prove them right

wikintu freenode

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 135 dakika önce - geçerli konu: 台大維基社,亞洲第一個大學維基社團 | National Taiwan University Wikipedia Club, the 1st University Wikipedia Club in Asia. | 本頻道與Telegram @wikiNTU 同步 | Connected to Telegram group @wikiNTU

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