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Sohbet Arama :  computer
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Computer Sohbet Odaları

Kategori:  Computers  >  Computer

#hardware freenode

Sohbet Odası - 800 kullanici - 50 dakika önce - geçerli konu: for all your computer hardware questions. no religion, politics or geographic discrimination; other off-topic chat is occasionally OK. Rule #1 is no idiots allowed. R&P to ##hardware-social, admin problems to ##hardware-ops
Kategori: Hardware Sohbet Odaları

ccc-ffm hackint

Sohbet Odası - 103 kullanici - 41 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt | | Öffentliches Treffen Dienstags und Donnerstags ab 19 Uhr in unseren Räumen (Ecke Rödelheimer Straße / Häuser Gasse, nahe Frankfurt Westbahnhof)
Kategori: Chaos Computer Club Sohbet Odaları

ircpuzzles freenode

Sohbet Odası - 56 kullanici - 50 dakika önce - geçerli konu: ircpuzzles | AFD2017 is LIVE | Rules, Tips, Past Answers: | First Clue: IyMjIyMjTlNRMjAxN0ZnbmVnLVBlbGNnYkFyamY= | | Theme: Crypto & Recent Computer Security News
Kategori: Puzzle Sohbet Odaları

hashdump freenode

Sohbet Odası - 13 kullanici - 50 dakika önce - geçerli konu: CSU's computer security club. Days since CSPRNG has been broken: NodeJS - 540 | p | ANNOUNCE: Hipsterism Index Project: Studying Technological Evangelism Responses to Stylized Holistic Implementation Techniques

computers Rizon

Sohbet Odası - 16 kullanici - 49 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Welcome to Rizon's "Official" Computer help channel!! Ask us your questions and we will make answer them maybe! | Anybody here? No response? wait around, don't be rude and PM or nickalert the Ops/Hops|
Kategori: Computers Sohbet Odaları

wics OFTC

Sohbet Odası - 11 kullanici - 49 dakika önce - geçerli konu: "Women in Computer Science, University of Waterloo | Code of Conduct in effect, see | wics-sys volunteers, please go to the syscom channel by typing `/join #wics-sys`"

programming Snoonet

Sohbet Odası - 133 kullanici - 34 dakika önce - geçerli konu: Welcome to #programming! | Check out #python for snakes, #math for math talk and #cs for computer science talk HONOR THE WORD OF THE PEOPLE
Kategori: Programming Sohbet Odaları

#hi_jack_this freenode

Sohbet Odası - 4 kullanici - 50 dakika önce - geçerli konu: All purpose computer support channel || All OS welcome || PC security and optimization || We are defenders of truth, justice and apple pie || Use advice at own risk || Regain control of your computer!


Sohbet Odası - 3 kullanici - 44 dakika önce - geçerli konu: PERSONAL CHANNEL - New computer hype! - anime list: - I play Path of Exile, Hearthstone, IRO, Pokemon GO, Eve Online - freenode

Sohbet Odası - 29 kullanici - 50 dakika önce - geçerli konu: 這裡是 computer science 聊天區 ♥ 收留各類無家可歸的話題 (Undefined Topics) 與技術討論 | 別說 python 易寫易讀, 我也看過寫得很垃圾的 python
Kategori: Chat Sohbet Odaları

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